The Very Best Of Aaliyah / DJ Jr.【M便 2/12】 [DJJR006]

The Very Best Of Aaliyah / DJ Jr.【M便 2/12】 [DJJR006]

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2001年8月25日、代表曲『Rock The Boat』のPV撮影後、彼女を乗せてバハマの空港を飛び立った飛行機の墜落事故により、22歳という若さでこの世を去った伝説の歌姫『Aaliyah』世界中が涙した彼女の死から今年でちょうど10年の月日が経とうとしている今、彼女が残した偉大な功績と美しい歌声をいつまでも忘れない様にと、DJ Jr.が送る『The Notorious B.I.G.』に続く「One Artist Very Best Mix CD」シリーズ第二弾!! デビュー作から数々の代表曲は勿論、客演参加曲まで完全に網羅した全31曲収録。(Interlude使用曲も含む)『The Notorious B.I.G.』同様、一生モノになる事マチガイナシ!!!


  • 入荷日:2011/08/25
  • 発売国:JPN
  • 仕様:プレスCD


  1. Rock The Boat
  2. Back & Forth
  3. Back & Forth [Mr. Lee & R. Kelly's Mix]
  4. Try Again
  5. Are You Feelin' Me?
  6. Come Back In One Piece (Feat. DMX)
  7. More Than A Woman
  8. Loose Rap (Feat. Static From Playa)
  9. A Girl Like You (Feat. Treach of Naughty By Nature)
  10. If Your Girl Only Knew
  11. Stickin' Chickens (with Missy Elliott & Da Brat)
  12. Hot Like Fire
  13. (At Your Best) You Are Love [Gangstar Child Remix]
  14. Age Ain't Nothing But A Number
  15. Old School (with R. Kelly)
  16. Down With The Clique (with R. Kelly)
  17. Interlude
    I Need You Tonight (with Junior M.A.F.I.A.)
    Got To Give It Up (Feat. Slick Rick)
    The Thing I Like (with R. Kelly)
    Summer Bunnies [Summer Bunnies Contest Remix] (with R. Kelly)
  18. Choosey Lover
  19. Your Body's Callin' [His & Hers Extended Mix] (with R. Kelly)
  20. I Don't Wanna
  21. John Blaze (with Missy Elliott & Timbaland)
  22. Final Warning (with Ginuwine)
  23. Man Undercover (with Missy Elliott, Timbaland & Magoo)
  24. Are You That Somebody?
  25. One In A Million
  26. 4 Page Letter
  27. The One I Gave My Heart To
  28. Miss You