Summerが付く楽曲のみ!!【MixCD】Summer Breeze -Hip Hop & R&B Summertime Classics Mix- / DJ DDT-Tropicana【M便 2/12】 [DDTT458]

Summerが付く楽曲のみ!!【MixCD】Summer Breeze -Hip Hop & R&B Summertime Classics Mix- / DJ DDT-Tropicana【M便 2/12】 [DDTT458]

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送料ポイント: 98


夏っぽい、夏向き、夏にぴったり、そんなMixは数多くありますが、本作は何と言っても純度100%!!何故ならTitle、Remix名にSummerが付く楽曲のみをSelectしております!しかも全50曲…。数あるHip Hop、R&Bの名曲の中からUS、UK、Europe問わず本人が良いと思ったSummerの付く楽曲を厳選。みんな大好きな夏の定番のあの曲はもちろん、LP Onlyの隠れ夏曲、そしてアナログでしか聞く事の出来ないレア夏Remixまで幅広くChoice!!『よくもまぁこんなにSummerのつく楽曲ばっかり集めたな…』と本人も作った後で感心してしまう程のSummerっぷり!本作の拘りは『夏=Reggae』な安直なイメージを捨て、Reggae、Ragga Pop物を極力使わず真面目にHip HopとR&Bで構成した点です。まさに最強のHip Hop, R&B版夏Mixに仕上がっております。今年の夏はこのMixでCoolに乗り切れること間違い無し!来年の夏も、再来年の夏も楽しめる完全保存盤です。


  • 入荷日:2014/06/05
  • 再入荷:2014/09/05
  • 発売国:JPN
  • 仕様:プレスCD、ジュエルケース(厚さ10mm)
  • 収録時間:79分


1. Summer In The City / Quincy Jones
2. Summer Madness / Kool & The Gang
3. Summertime (Club Mix) / Ill Al Skratch
4. MVP (Summer Smooth Mix) / Big L feat. Indo
5. Best Friend (Character Summer Mix) / Brandy
6. Vibin' (Cool Summer Mellow Mix) / Boyz II Men
7. Summer Love / Yvette Michele
8. Summertime (Album Version) / Lyrics
9. Summer Breeze (Extended Mix) / Nicki Richards
10.Summer Breezin' (Album Version) / Diana King
11.Summer Breeze (Original Version) / DJ Quik
12.Summer Nights / Lil Rob
13.Everybody's Got Summer (Full Length Version) / Atlantic Starr
14.Summer (Oceanside 12'' Mix) / Kool & The Gang feat. Lauryn Hill, Doctor D
15.It's Summertime (Let It Get Into U) (LP Version) / Smooth
16.Summertime '98 (Soul Power Extended Mix) / DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prin
17.Summertime (X-Mix) / DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
18.Thank You (Summertime Mix) / Boyz II Men
19.Apple Tree (2B3 Summer Vibes Mix) / Erykah Badu
20.Blackberry Molasses (Long Summer Remix) / Mista
21.Real Love (Blacksmith's Summer Sound 12'') / Mary J. Blige
22.Baby Luv (Summer Groove Mix 1) / Groove Theory
23.Summertime (DJ Use Only Remix) / Tina Novak
24.Summertime (Album Version) / Beyonce feat. P. Diddy
25.Summer Bunnies (Loverman's Picnic Extended Mix & Summer Bunnies Contest E
26.Summer In The City (Original Version) / Justice System
27.Trippin Out (Summer Cool Mix) / Prince Markie Dee And The Soul Convention
28.Something Special (Summer Of 93 Remix) / Prince Markie Dee And The Soul C
29.Summertime Groove (Radio Mix) / Maree
30.Summertime In The LBC (LP Version) / Dove Shackt
31.Summertime (Original) / Another Level feat. TQ
32.Happy Summertime / R. Kelly feat. Snoop Dogg
33.Warm Summer Daze (Coolio Mix) / Vybe feat. Coolio
34.Summertime (Springtime Has Come And Gone) (The Noisemakers Remix & Going
35.Summertime (Summervibe Radio Mix) / Dash
36.Sounds Of Summer (Cha Ba Dap, Cha Ba Dap) (Summer Club Mix) / Roman Photo
37.Big Time (Summer Zone Remix) / Whigfield
38.Summerlove (Y & Co. Remix) / S-Connection feat. Anabelle
39.Summertime Love / Charlie
40.Loving You (Summer Breeze Mix) / Massivo feat. Tracy
41.Summer Breeze (Extended Version) / A.L.T. And The Lost Civilization
42.It's A Summer Thang (Silk's Old Skool) / M-Doc feat. Chantay Savage
43.The Thing I Like (E2 Summer Remix) / Aaliyah
44.I Wish (08 Summer Edition) / Gabrielle
45.Tell Me Why (Summer Sunset Remix) / Rakkaz
46.Fallin' For You (Summer Dress Mix) / Heather Headley
47.It's Alright (Summertime Remix) / Deni Hines
48.Summer / Robbie Danzie
49.Shine On (Here Comes The Summer) (Rivera Club Mix) / Tone & Flave feat. D
50.Take 5 (Kool Summer Mix) / XL