ニューヨークHIP HOPレジェンドNasのサンプリング音源! 洋楽CD MixCD Epix 41 -Greatest Sampling Mix Of Nas- / DJ Caujoon【M便 2/12】 [CAUJ511]

ニューヨークHIP HOPレジェンドNasのサンプリング音源! 洋楽CD MixCD Epix 41 -Greatest Sampling Mix Of Nas- / DJ Caujoon【M便 2/12】 [CAUJ511]

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nas ナズ サンプリングミックス

nas ナズ サンプリングミックス

ニューヨークHIP HOPレジェンド、ラッパーNAS x DJ Caujoon!! 既に全国のストリート/DJ Mixファンの間で話題沸騰中のミックスが登場!!HIP HOP史上最大の名作 [Illmatic(94')]から最新アルバム [The Lost Tapes 2 (2019)] 全アルバムのサンプリング音源を完全網羅!!DJ Caujoonによるグルービーなバイブスと確かなスキルが生み出す "時代を駆け抜けるサウンドトリップ”の 集大成がここに!!Soul, Funk, Breaks, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Rock, オールドスクールHIP HOP. . . etc. ストリートレジェンドDJ Caujoonがお送りするジャンルを超えたドラマティックすぎるアルティメイトHIP HOP Break Mix!!まさに一家に1枚の永久保存盤!!今作も彼の世界観に虜になるはず!ホンモノDJのホンモノMix!MixCDリスナーの「聴きたいMix」を実力派DJが最高なミックスで実現する最高峰MixCDシリーズ「Epix」!是非ご堪能ください!


  • 入荷日:2020/01/22
  • 発売国:JPN
  • 仕様:プレスCD、ジュエルケース(厚さ10mm)
  • 収録時間:製作者側の意向により収録時間の掲載はございません。


1. Intro / John V. Rydgren & Bob R. / What Child Is This(Nas Is Like) / Train Sequence narrated by Geoffrey Sumner (Destroy & Rebuild)
2. Charisma / Tom Browne (Everyday Struggle Remix)
3. Show me / Glenn Jones (HOW YA LIVIN' with AZ)
4. I'm Glad You're Mine / Al Green (Getting Married)
5. Slow Dance / Stanley Clarke (It Ain’t Hard To Tell)
6. Take me just as i am / Lyn Collins (Sekou Story)
7. School Boy Crush / Average White Band (Halftime)
8. Week End / Cox Orange (Come Get Me)
9. Never Gonna Stop / Linda Clifford (Street Dreams)
10.I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby / Barry White (One Mic)
11.PaPa Was Too- Joe Tex (Tanasia)
12.I'm gonna love you just a little bit more babe / Jimmy Smith (Nazareth Savage)
13.Flight Time / Donald Byrd (N.Y. State Of Mind)
14.Mind Rain / Joe Chambers / Alicia Keys / Streets Of NY / Blend Mix (N.Y. State Of Mind)
15.N.T. / Kool & the Gang (N.Y. State Of Mind)
16.Mountain / Long Red (It Ain't Hard to Tell)
17.Friends / Whodini (If I Rude The World)
18.One Love / Whodini / Lauryn Hill / If I Ruled The World / Blebd Mix (One Love)
19.Smiling Billy Suite [Part 2] / The Heath Brothers (One Love)
20.Thief of Bagdad / Lee Erwin (Represent)
21.I Love Music / Ahmad Jamal (The World Is Yours)
22.We're In Love / Reuben Wilson (Memory Lane)
23.Human Nature / Michael Jackson (It Ain’t Hard To Tell)
24.Africa / Toto (New World)
25.Sexual Healing / Marvin Gaye (So Fresh with CJ Hilton)
26.Don't Look Any Further / Dennis Edwards (Stillmatic Freestyle)
27.Impeach The President / The Honey Drippers (The Message, I Can, Accident Murderers)
28.It's The J.B.'s Monaurail / The J.B,'s (Nastradamus)
29.The Boss / James Brown (Get Down)
30.Funky Drummer / James Brown (Get Down)
31.Stiletto -Billy Joel (Disciple)
32.Soul Travelin' / Gart Byrd (Halftime)
33.The payback / James brown (I'm A Villain)
34.God Made Me Funky / The Head Hunters (HipHop Is Dead)
35.Bananeira / Emilio Santiago (War Against Love)
36.Our Generation / Ernie Hines (The Art of It)
37.Don't It Make You Feel Good / Leroy Hutson (You Mean the World to Me)
38.This is it / Kenny Loggins & Michael McDonald (We Will Survive)
39.Get A Life / Soul ll Soul (Silent Murder)
40.Once In A Lifetime Groove / New Edition (Reach Out)
41.Say what / Idris Muhammad (Dr. Knockboot)
42.Wild Style Introduction / OST (The Genesis)
43.Kool Is Back / Funk Inc (Can't Forget About You)
44.Take Me To The Mardi Gras / Bob James (Nasty)
45.Who Is She And What Is She To You / Gladys Knight (Silent Murder)
47.Atomic Dog / George Clinton (American Way)
48.Juice / Catch a Groove (HipHop Is Dead)
49.In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida / Incredible Bongo Band (HipHop Is Dead)
50.Apache / Incredible Bongo Band (HipHop Is Dead)
51.World Famous / Malcolm McLaren (Firm Biz Remix)
52.Billy Squier / The Big Beat (HipHop Is Dead) / Interlude
53.Mannish Boy / Muddy Waters (Bridging The Gap) / Interlude
54.Dance inna New York / Chief Rockas ft Supercat (The Don) / Interlude
55.COME IN OUT OF THE RAIN / Parlament (One Love)
56.Nautilus / Bob James (Live at the Barbeque)
57.Daydreamin’ / Kurtis Blow (Stay Dreamin' Stay Schemin)
58.Yearning For Your Love / The Gap Band (Life's a Bitch)
59.Lets Start Love Over / miles Jaye (You Wouldn't Understand )
60.Starlight / Stephanie Mills (Black Girl Lost)
61.We Do It / Carol Douglas (Remember the Times)
62.Shape of My Heart / Sting (The Message)
63.Good Bye Love / GUY (Bye Baby)
64.Ike's Mood I / Issac Hayes (Reach Out) / Interlude
65.Born To Love / Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack (2nd Childhood)
66.Choosey Lover / The Isley Brothers (Street Dreams Remix)
67.Will You Cry / Chic (Just a Moment)
68.Let Me Be Your Angel / Stacy Lattisaw (Stillmatic Intro)
69.Somebody Told A Lie / Ashford & Simpson (Who Are You)