Naka-G渾身のRagga Hiphop Mixxx! 洋楽CD MixCD Ragga Hiphop / Sound Naka-G【M便 1/12】 [NAKG053]

Naka-G渾身のRagga Hiphop Mixxx! 洋楽CD MixCD Ragga Hiphop / Sound Naka-G【M便 1/12】 [NAKG053]

販売価格: 1,100円(税込)

送料ポイント: 97



※こちらはCD-Rとなります。※Sound Naka-G待望のMix!レゲエタウン大阪発のNEWサウンド"Sound Naka-G" !今作はNaka-G渾身のRagga Hiphop Mixxx!!!今回も数量限定にてストリート販売!!!


  • 入荷日:2020/03/24
  • 発売国:JPN
  • 仕様:CD-R、スリムケース(厚さ5mm)
  • 収録時間:製作者側の意向により収録時間の掲載はございません。


1. intro
2. Boom Shak a-Tack / Born Jamaicans
3. Mash Up Da Nation / Snow
4. Push Up Yu Lighter / Top Cat
5. Scalp Dem / Super Cat
6. Ring The Alarm / Fu-Schnickens
7. Champagne Body / General Levy
8. Big Beat Bam / Sister Nancy
9. Romantic Call / Patra
10.Raggamuffin Hip-Hop / Daddy Freddy feat. AsherD
11.Daady Freddy's In Town / Daady Freddy 12.Tru Freedom Fighters / Rocker-T and Jamaiski
12.The Jam / Shabba Ranks
13.Give it To Me / Masters At Works and Screechy Dan
14.Put It On Yeah / Jamalski and Rocker T
15.Big Apps / Jamalski
16.Do You Wanna Hear It? / Nubian Crackers
17.Living Conditions / Cutty Ranks
18.Limb By Limb / Cutty Ranks
19.Boomwadis / Burro Banton
20.Big Man Chill / Burro Banton
21.Love Woman So / Mad Lion
22.Bring It If You Want It / Mad Lion
23.Dem A Murderer / Red Fox
24.Here Comes The Hotstepper / Ink Kamoze
25.Put on Your Negligee / Louie Rankin
26.Typewriter / Louie Rankin
27.Don Dada / Super Cat
28.Vineyard Party / Super Cat
29.Dem No Worry Super Cat
30.Ghetto Red Hot / Super Cat
31.Jump Kris Kross and Super Cat
32.South Central / Super Cat
33.Pretty / Rayvon
34.No Guns No Murder / Rayvon
35.Gunshot / Kenny Dope feat. Shaggy
36.Boomin' In Ya Jeep / Kenny Dope feat. Screechy Dan
37.Girls Another / Top Cat
38.Request The Styler / Top Cat
39.When / Tigger
40.Haul and Pull / Daddy Freddy
41.Real Lover / Mad Lion
42.Money First / Mega Banton
43.Chanpion / Buju Banton
44.All Night long / Nabob feat.Joe and Rayvon