2Pac ( 2パック )サンプリングソースMix! 洋楽CD MixCD Epix 46 -Greatest Sampling Mix Of 2 Pac- / DJ Caujoon【M便 2/12】 [CAUJ516]

2Pac ( 2パック )サンプリングソースMix! 洋楽CD MixCD Epix 46 -Greatest Sampling Mix Of 2 Pac- / DJ Caujoon【M便 2/12】 [CAUJ516]

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2Pac ( 2パック )サンプリングソースMix!彼の名曲のネタモノをキレっキレにキリまくった1枚!DJ Caujoonによるグルービーなバイブスと確かなスキルが生み出す "時代を駆け抜けるサウンドトリップ”の 集大成がここに!!Soul, Funk, Breaks, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Rock, オールドスクールHIP HOP. . . etc. ストリートレジェンドDJ Caujoonがお送りするジャンルを超えたドラマティックすぎるアルティメイトHIP HOP Break Mix!!今作も彼の世界観に虜になるはず!ホンモノDJのホンモノMix!MixCDリスナーの「聴きたいMix」を実力派DJが最高なミックスで実現する最高峰MixCDシリーズ「Epix」!是非ご堪能ください!


  • 入荷日:2020/05/29
  • 発売国:JPN
  • 仕様:プレスCD、ジュエルケース(厚さ10mm)
  • 収録時間:製作者側の意向により収録時間の掲載はございません。


1. Intro / Everybody Loves the Sunshine / Roy Ayers Ubiquity (Tattoo Tears)
2. The Message in the Middle of the Bottom / Chaka Khan (Fuck 'Em All)
3. Woman To Woman / Joe Cocker (California Love)
4. Synthetic Substitution / Melvin Bliss (When I Get Free II)
5. Funny Feelings / Commodores (Fake Ass Bitches [OG])
6. You're Getting Too Smart / Detroit Emeralds (Heartz of Men)
7. He's A Fly Guy / Curtis Mayfield (R U Still Down?)
8. Something About That Woman / Lakeside (Nothin' but Love)
9. The Boogie Back / Roy Ayers (When I Get Free II)
10.Chill Out "Things Gonna Change” / John Lee Hooker feat. Carlos Santana (Lil’ Homies)
11.The Dude / QUINCY JONES (So Many Tears)
12.Haboglabotribin’ / Bernard Wright (Lie To Kick It)
13.Far East Mississippi / Ohio Players (Still Ballin' [Original Ver])
14.Sing a Simple Song / Sly & The Family Stone (Temptations)
15.More Peas / Fred Wesley and The J.B.’s (Bomb First)
16.Rapper Dapper Snapper / Edwin Birdsong (Why U Turn On Me)
17.The Message / Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five (2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted)
18.Just Be Good To Me / The S.O.S. Band (Heavy in the Game)
19.Tonight / Kleeer (If I Die 2Nite)
20.Intimate Connection / Kleeer (California Love Remix)
21.Rumors / Timex Social Club (Soon As I Get Home)
22.That Girl / Stevie Wonder (So Many Tears / Playa Cardz Right)
23.She's Strange / Cameo (Young Niggaz)
24.Dance Floor / Zapp & Roger (California Love / Wanted Dead or Alive)
25.Cameo / Candy (All Bout U)
26.Brothers Gonna Work it Out / Willie Hutch (Secretz of War)
27.West Coast Poplock / Ronnie Hudson And The Street People (California Love)
28."Not Just" Knee Deep / Funkadelic (Can't C Me)
29.Burn Rubber On Me "Why You Wanna Hurt Me) / The Gap Band (Why U Turn On Me)
30.The Way It Is / Bruce Hornsby & The Range (Changes)
31.Do It Roger / Roger (I Wonder if Heaven Got a Ghetto [Original Ver])
32.Piano In The Dark / Brenda Russell / Interlude by Snoop Dogg (U Can Be Touched)
33.Two Of Us / Cameo (I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto)
34.Tonight Is The Night / Betty Wright (If I Die 2Nite)
35.Slip Away / Deniece Williams (Thug 4 Life)
36.Brown Baby / Diana Ross (If I Die 2Nite)
37.Float On / The Floaters (It Ain't Easy)
38.Wildflower / Hank Crawford (Shorty Wanna Be A Thug)
39.Tenderness / Walter Beasley (Still I Rise)
40.I'd Rather Be with You / Bootsy's Rubber Band (Ratha Be Ya Nigga)
41.What You Won't Do For Love / Bobby Caldwell (Do For Love / Heaven Ain't Hard 2 Find)
42.Computer Love / Zapp & Roger (I Get Around / Thug Passion / Temptation)
43.It Never Rains "In Southern California” / Tony! Toni! Tone! (To Live and Die In L.A.)
44.Piece Of My Love / Guy (Run Tha Streetz)
45.Let's Fall in Love / The Isley Brothers (Better Dayz)
46.Happy Feelin’s / Maze (Can U Get Away)
47.Winter Sadness / Kool & The Gang (Death Around the Corner)
48.Sadie / The Spinners (Dear Mama)
49.In All My Wildest Dreams / Joe Sample (Dear Mama)
50.Slow Wine / Tony! Toni! Tone! (The Good Die Young)
51.A Dream / DeBarge (I Ain't Mad At Cha)
52.Do Me, Baby / Prince (To Live and Die In L.A.)
53.Brandy / O’Jays (Life Goes On)
54.May The Force Be With You / Bootsy Collins (Where Do We Go From Here / What'z Next)
55."There You Go" Tellin' Me No Again / Keith Sweat (There U Go [OG Version])
56.Interlude / Everyday Struggle / 2PAC
57.I'll Write a Song for You / Earth, Wind & Fire (Hold On Be Strong)