Snoop DoggサンプリングソースMix! 洋楽CD MixCD Epix 54 -Greatest Sampling Mix Of Snoop Dogg- / DJ Caujoon【M便 2/12】 [CAUJ524]

Snoop DoggサンプリングソースMix! 洋楽CD MixCD Epix 54 -Greatest Sampling Mix Of Snoop Dogg- / DJ Caujoon【M便 2/12】 [CAUJ524]

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Snoop Dogg ( スヌープ・ドッグ )サンプリングソースMix!彼の名曲のネタモノをキレっキレにキリまくった1枚!West,Snoop,Hiphop,Soul,Funk,Breaksファン必見!ウエストコーストHIHPHOPレジェンドSnoop Dogg。1993年〜2021年に発売された全アルバムのサンプリング元ネタ曲を完全網羅!Caujoonの間違いないスキルとまだ誰も知らないSnoopのファンクあふれる世界がここに!聞き逃せない!One&Onlyミックス!DJ Caujoonによるグルービーなバイブスと確かなスキルが生み出す "時代を駆け抜けるサウンドトリップ”の 集大成がここに!!今作も彼の世界観に虜になるはず!ホンモノDJのホンモノMix!MixCDリスナーの「聴きたいMix」を実力派DJが最高なミックスで実現する最高峰MixCDシリーズ「Epix」!是非ご堪能ください!


  • 入荷日:2021/02/02
  • 発売国:JPN
  • 仕様:プレスCD、ジュエルケース(厚さ10mm)
  • 収録時間:73分


1. Intro / Give Me Your Love / Curtis Mayfield + The Last Poets / The Shalimar [Bathtub]
2. Funky Worm / Ohio Players[Countdown 2019 / Y'all Gone Miss Me]
3. Girl Callin’ / Chocolate Milk [Brake Fluid]
4. Was it something That I Said / Sylvester [Blueberry]
5. Hollywood Knights / Brooklyn Dreams [Deez Hollywood Nights]
6. Papa Don't Take No Mess / James Brown [Vapors]
7. If It Don't Turn You On / BT Express [Wonder What It Do]
8. Spinning Wheel / Blood Sweat & Tears [Pump Pump]
9. It's My House / Dianna Ross [Da Boss Would Like to See You]
10.Heart Beat / Tanna Gardner [Betta Days / Wonder What It Do]
11.I Don't Believe You Want To Get Up And Dance (Oops Up Side Your Head) / The Gap Band [Snoop's Upside Ya Head]
12.Shining Star / Earth, Wind & Fire [Party With a D.P.G.]
13.Bustin' Out (On Funk) / Rick James [Buss'n Rocks]
14.People Say / The Meters [What's My Name Pt. 2]
15.Love and Affection / Ike White [Buss'n Rocks]
16.Flashlight / Parliament [Tha Shiznit / Stoplight / Pimp Slapp’d]
17.Five Minutes of Funk / Whodini [Game of Life]
18.Humpin’ / The Gap Band [Doggfather]
19.I Like Funky Music Uncle Louie [Betta Days]
20.She's Just A Groupie / Bobby Nunn [Groupie]
21.Watching You / Slave [Let's Get Blown]
22.Cameo / Keep It Out [Snoop's Upside Ya Head]
23.Single Life / Cameo [Wrong Idea]
24.Champagne KingI'm In Love / Evelyn [Feel About Snoop]
25.This Beat Is Mine / Vicky D [This Weed Iz Mine]
26.Try It Out / Gino Soccio [Two or More]
27.Crazy / Manhattans [Crazy]
28.Strike Up The Band / Chic [You Thought]
29.Lowdown / Boz Scaggs [Wonder What It Do]
30.Cold Blooded / Rick James [Brake Fluid]
31.Agony Of Defeet / Parlament [Buss'n Rocks]
32.Situation / Yaz [Boom]
33.I Just Want To Be / Cameo [Hourglass]
34.I Didn't Mean To Turn You On / Cherrelle [Wasn't Your Fault]
35.Wikka Wrap / The Evasions [From Long Beach 2 Brick City]
36.One Nation Under A Groove / Funkadelic [Peaches N Cream]
37.Early In The Morning / Gap Band [Signs]
38.Just Chillin' Out / Bernard Wright [Gz and Hustlas]
39.Interlude (Message to Japan)
40.Aquaboogie (A Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop) / Parliament [G Funk Intro / I Can't Swim]
41.Street Life / The Crusaders feat. Randy Crawford [Peer Pressure]
42.Im Your Mechanical Man / Jerry Butler [I Miss That Bitch]
43.I Need You / Jerry Butler [Think About It]
44.If It Ain't One Thing, It's Another / Richard Dimples Fields [Doggy Dogg World]
45.Dinner For Two / Michael Cooper [Oh Na Na]
46.Dreaming About You / The Blackbyrds [Doggyland]
47.Oh Honey / Delegation [Wonder What It Do]
48.Remind Me / Patrice Rushen [Tha Dogg in Me]
49.Coming Soon / Slave [Lay Low]
50.I Wish He Didn't Trust me So Much / Bobby Womack [Trust Me]
51.Uhh Ahh / Boyz II Men [Countdown 2019]
52.Have A Talk With God / Stevie Wonder [Conversations]
53.Slow and Easy / Zapp & Roger [Show Me Love / Get Bout It & Rowdy]
54.Bad Boy Having A Party / Luther Vandross [The Way Life Used to Be]